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Eggs in the Desert Winners – 2014


This years Eggs in the Desert event turned out Egglicious. The teams cranked out some really great food. Here is a list of the winners. The three time champion Garnett Marshal retired this year and taught a really interesting Cooking on the Egg class instead.

  1. Red Brick 421 votes, XL Big Green Egg and Stand
  2. Team “Just Us” BBQ 393 votes, Sure Flame Grill with Cart
  3. Zach’s All Stars 338 votes, Pronto Pizza Oven
  4. Smokin Hot 244 votes, Yeti Roadie
  5. AZ  BBQ 206 votes
  6. Dom’s BBQ 197 votes
  7. Texas BBQ 146 votes
  8. Rough Stock BBQ 132 votes
  9. Glazed and Confused 128 votes
  10. Ballesteros 76 votes
  11. Rex 55 votes

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