The Southwest BBQ Academy’s latest class featuring Chris Marks was held at the BBQ Island Superstore in Tempe Arizona. The beautiful December day was an added bonus to the comprehensive training Chris put his students through. The following are just a few snapshots from the class.


Some of the students that showed up early grabbed a cup of coffee and started flipping through the class material.


Ribs are a class favorite. Many people are intimidated by them, but after the class find that that they are quite easy to prepare and smoke.


Chris holding up a rack of ribs and answering questions about them.


The students got some hands on experience prepping their own half rack of ribs.


After the ribs were prepped onto the smoker they went.


They turned out fantastic as always.


Next up was brisket. Here is a shot of a finished brisket that he had prepared the night before.


He used the finished brisket to demonstrate how to cut it up after it was smoked.


What a beautiful smoke ring!


Tender and juicy!


Working with the brisket burnt ends.


After the brisket portion of the class Chris dug into pork shoulders. He covered trimming, injections, rubs and cooking techniques. This is a shot of one that he had prepped the night before so the students could taste the finished product.


Delicious bark, great smoke ring and tremendous flavor.


Chicken was the last of the big four meats Chris tackled. This is a shot of the steaming method he demonstrated which helps get that bite through skin everybody is striving for.


Nice shot of the partially cooked chicken.


It’s not even finished yet and it already looking delicious.


Hot damn that looks tasty. I’ll take two please!


Chris also demonstrated how to spatchcock a chicken and why it is a good method to use sometimes.


The showstopper was this half prime rib he prepared. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of the finished product.


The class covered a few other interesting items like golf ball or lollipop chicken, which is basically a half deboned leg with the meat balled up and wrapped in bacon. He also made the short version of his unbelievable delicious burnt ends. As always the Southwestern BBQ Academy came through with another great class. Thanks to Chris, the students, everyone who helped with the class and to Derek for taking the time to snap these great photos.